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Free! ep. 12 » Australian scenery
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the present and the past.
Tachibana Makoto - Free! Eternal Summer episode 6

“When I was a girl, I was terribly sure trees and flowers were the same as birds or people. That they thought things, and talked among themselves. And we could hear them if we really tried. It was just a matter of emptying your head of all other sounds. Being very quiet and listening very hard. Sometimes I still believe that. But one can never get quiet enough.”

Truman Capote, In Cold Blood  (via lovequotesrus)

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Anonymous asked: Your writing style is inspiring! I love reading your stuff so much :)

Thank you, kind anon. :)

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son-of-the-firelord asked: strawberry tea
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Kaoru: “Ohohoho, you seriously expect me to pick one?! You’re torturing me… Well, alright. Right now I’m into a clean, preppy style, so I like my pair of khaki pants, a button-up, very-light-pink shirt, and a slightly darker pink sweater with a woven texture to match — though sometimes I’ll do a powder-yellow sweater instead, or a light green one. And I’ve got a belt with cute embroidered bumble bees, and some boat shoes. It’s all very comfortable, and still very presentable, and androgynous enough that from afar people might not even notice what gender I am.” (dreamy look comes over face)

Hikaru: “Kaoru, with all due reverence for your superior sense of style, I don’t think a guy would wear a belt with cute preppy bumble bees and a matching headband that you somehow neglected to mention.”

Kaoru: “Yeah, but I wear a tie, too .”

Hikaru: (smiles) “Yeah, of course. Because that solves everything, and girls never wear ties.

Kaoru: (smiles innocently) “Right, well… I’m not the one who abuses fuchsia. I mean, I get the whole thing about real men wearing pink, but the European men’s carry-all was taking it a little too far.”

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“Some women let you kiss them while some kissed you back— but just. Others kissed with enthusiasm, but it was with the same kind of enthusiasm they felt for a good meal, a Bette Davis film, or a lovely present they’d just been given. But she was different. She was hungry for you, hungry to kiss you, to hear what you had to say; hungry to tell you what was on her mind.”

Jonathan Carroll 

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